Paton Livestock Catch-All Hay Feeder: A Great Success For Farmers

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The Paton Livestock Catch-All Hay Feeder has been a great success for Paton, with farmers recognising this product as an extremely useful tool for feeding cattle.

Part of the attraction of the Catch-All Hay Feeder is its heavy-duty design, along with its long-life asset quality. Cattle can easily damage gear if left in a paddock, but with Paton’s feeders there is no chance of this happening.

The design of the Catch-All Hay Feeder and its weight alone means cattle cannot damage or move them. The hay feeders are made from heavy galvanised pipe, which gives them a much longer life than other types of feeders that utilise RHS in their designs.

The ‘Catch-All Hay Feeder’ name explains exactly what this hay feeder does: its clever design manages to catch all of the hay – even when animals begin feeding.

The bales are loaded into the hanging frame that sits above the galvanised floor; cattle eat through the frame and pull hay out to eat. As the cattle pull the hay away from the bale, any loose hay drops down into the floor space – giving the cattle a second opportunity to eat the leftover hay.

The heavy top plate of the frame also gives tractor operators a margin of error when filling the Catch-All Hay Feeder, and reduces the likelihood of damage.

Another great feature of this design is the double pipe sleigh runners that support the heavy frame. These sleigh runners allow farmers to tow the hay feeder onto a fresh ground, without the need to stop and wait for a tractor to arrive to do the job. The double sleigh runners gives added surface area to the frame and keeps it riding over the ground rather than bogging in.

Like the Catch-All Hay Feeder frame, these sleighs runners are also made from heavy galvanised pipe so they are less susceptible to rust and eventual deterioration despite their contact with mud and dirt.

The Paton Livestock Catch-All Hay Feeders have been sold to farms across northern Victoria, Western Victoria, Gippsland and South Australia. They are freighted on-farm, and only require a front fork tractor lift to unload them onto the ground.

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