Feed Out Trailers

The Paton range of feed out bins are designed to suit a range and scale of farming activities. The functionality and ease of a Paton feed out bins will make the job of feeding stock, filling feeders, and filling your seed drill much simpler, faster and less strenuous.

FEEDKING – 3 Tonne capacity

The Paton FEEDKING is now available as a single bin option as well as the popular dual bin model. With 3 tonne capacity, the FEEDKING range has an onboard hydraulic system, meaning no manual handling required in the operation of the unit..

The FEEDKING comes with a number of options including: electric start Honda GX390 engine, night operational LED lighting, electric scales with batching control and anti-bridging vibrating plates to keep your feed free-flowing.

No ropes, no winches, no belts, no pulleys, so no operational safety concerns.

$27602.00 inc. GST

FEEDBARON – 1.5 Tonne

Paton's 1.5 FEEDBARON with a sturdy 5 inch fold-out auger now comes with direct drive. This design improvement is more powerful and provides increased efficiency and flowrate of grain.

The 1.5 tonne feed out bin is a multi-purpose unit that can be used for transporting grain, trail feeding in the paddock, or a useful tool for filling seed drills.

Reliability and versatility - all in a small cost effective package.

$14765.00 inc. GST

Feed Out Trailer – 2 Tonne

This Feed Out Trailer is our mid range model packaged into an all purpose trailer with the benefits of being lighter to tow, but stable under load.

This lower profiled trailer means it can be towed easier and taken onto slopes that could be tricky under load..

These are specifically design for some of the rougher hilly country where strength over capacity is preferred and the risk of loss of control is higher.

$17515.00 inc. GST

Feed out Bin- Ute mounted 1.5 Tonne

Paton’s 1.5 Tonne Ute Mounted Feed Out Bin is a useful tray mounted unit for transporting grain or pellets from your silo to your stock.

The side auger delivery gives you added flexibility in your feeding operation to fill feeders with out the investment in a more costly feed trailer.

Just load on and load off, it's that simple.

$11598.00 inc. GST