Trail Feeders

The Paton trail feeders are available in varying configurations. All our units have a galvanised finish and are designed and manufactured to carry the weight specified. The standard model offers a traditional rope pull method for feeding, while the selected premium models offer remote access feeding from the comfort on your vehicle as well as a hinged lid to keep your feed protected from the weather. Either way, our trail feeders are designed and constructed to last.

Trail Feeder – 1.5 Tonne

The 1.5 Tonne Trail Feeder is a larger capacity unit with a size to suit feeding several mobs.

A well balanced, strong and easy to tow unit, this handy cart will save you hours in precious time and thousands in labor costs.


Trail Feeder – 2.5 Tonne

The Paton 2.5 tonne trail Feeder is a good performer when it comes to carrying grain or pellets from paddock to paddock.
The trailer is well balanced and will tow evenly over paddock terrain, and at speed along country roads. The unit is available with optional batching scales, which means each mob fed is done accurately and consistently from day to over feeding, no under feeding!


Trail Feeder – ATV

Make feeding your mob a breeze behind your ATV vehicle with this handy little unit designed to take the stress and labour out of your daily feeding. Featuring an all weather lid and a simple rope operated trail chute, this unit is easy to fill from your silo or bulk bag and simple to operate. These can also be fitted with light truck tyres if required. Very popular with sheep and dairy farmers, this unit is fully galvanised for longevity and built strong to last.  
$4519.00 inc. GST

Trail Feeder – Ute Mounted

Ute mounted trail feeder, designed to fit on the tray of your ute.  
$4202.00 inc. GST