The Paton Fire fighting range combines strength and quality with practical elements of design and function. We aim to make this range as useful to our clients as possible for not only fire fighting needs, but for general functionality and as a general utility item. Using the best and most reliable components we can assure our customers these units will perform.

Fire Fighting Skid – 1200 Litre

The 1200 litre skid unit would suit a larger more modern ute or LandCruiser with an increased carrying capacity.

With all the features of this range this added capacity allows for less filling time and more serious fire fighting activity.

$8472.00 inc. GST

Fire Fighting Trailer – 2000 Litre

This larger tandem trailer is heavily decked out to take its 2.5 tonne payload. The proven chassis is heavily constructed and built with functionality in mind. The trailer gives you a reliable platform to perform a number of roles involving water cartage and water transfer.

The added extras including large tool box, shovel canisters, over frame for carrying ladders or timbers, hose hooks and step up platforms makes this unit a highly functional trailer.

Space is provided for on the trailer for a standing area, if burning off activity needs to be done with a second person to operate hoses.

$16033.00 inc. GST

Fire Fighting Skid – 2000 Litre

The 2000 litre skid unit is designed to go onto the back of a small truck or tandem trailer as the overall weight of the skid when full is approximately 2200 kgs.

Comes with all you need to fight fires or use to transfer water to suit your needs.

An excellent option for those wanting a larger capacity water cartage unit.

$9896.00 inc. GST

Fire Fighting Skid – 800 Litre

This unit is designed weighs nearly a tonne when full of water so suitable for a ute application or small trailer.

The perfect standby unit for any site works or farm activity if a fire was to start.

These come with 20m of fire fighting hose and a 10m transfer hose.

$7827.00 inc. GST

Fire Fighting Trailer – 1200 Litre

The 1200 litre fire fighting trailer is a purpose built trailer designed around a proven trailer chassis that will carry the 1.5 tonne load required to move this quantity of water.

Well balanced, with all the best and reliable components including a first start Honda engine, Davey pump housing and quality quick release fittings to match.

A 20m fire fighting hose is provided with 10m of transfer hose for filling from dams or tanks.

$11326.00 inc. GST