From the stable to the backyard – never bend down to clean up animal poop again! The heavy-duty Wheelie Scooper is the ideal tool for cleaning up horse and dog poop in one swift motion. Trolley the scooper behind you, avoiding the need to lift and carry as your load gets heavier. Featuring a deep pan on wheels that can securely hold the droppings until discarded. The scraper tool has a convenient ‘buddy’ clip to store both parts neatly when not in use.
$159.00 inc. GST

Bulk Bag Carrier – High Lift

 A Safer and more stable way to lift and manoeuvre your bulk bags.

Using the hooks on bulk bags with your tractor gives you limited height for filling your feeder and also creates an unstable and potentially dangerous lifitng point for the operator.

Placing your bulk bag inside the Bulk Bag Carrier, and lifting from the bottom of the frame, allows you to achieve the extra height to get over the top of your feeder and fill with ease.

The opening in the base of the frame gives you adequate space to pull the draw string and let the contents of the bag flow. Removing the potentially dangerous scenario of standing under an unsupoorted bulk bag. 

$652.00 inc. GST

Creep Gates – Sheep

Controlling animal access to your feeder is easy with our easy to install creep gates. With our cleverly designed and light weight interlocking panels, the task of setting up, moving and pack down again is very simple. The adjustable horizontal bars allows you to choose access parameters based on your animal size and proportions.

$623.00 inc. GST

Rain Curtain Kits

With the increase in self-feeders’ use to an all-year activity, the issue of rain entering the feed trough on a bad weather event means the valuable feed is spoilt and wasted. Farmers can spend much labour time cleaning troughs and clearing feed door mechanisms. The trend towards feed pellets and their propensity to absorb moisture makes the rain curtains an important part of the design for the feeders exposure to weather. It has been virtually impossible to keep all types of rain out of any self-feeder until now. The use of containment areas where possibly 10 to 20 feeder are...
$378.00 inc. GST