Paton Livestock Equipment Sheep Feeders

Paton Livestock Equipment offers a range of hay feeders suitable for sheep. Our range of sheep feeders include feed-out bins, fence-mounted feeders, hay cradle feeders, hay racks, trail feeders, troughs, and wheeled feeders.

Minimise hay wastage by keeping your feed contained within a Paton hay feeder that reduces wastage by up to 30%. Solid and durable designs made from 100% galvanised steel ensure your investment is built to last.

Paton manufacture a wide variety of efficient hay products for both the hobby farmer right up to large scale feedlot enterprise. Save time, save money and get the best out of your feed and your livestock with a cost-effective Paton hay feeder.

Rain Curtain Kit

Sick of spending your valuable time cleaning out feed troughs after rainy weather?

Here is a solution for you.

$344.00 inc. GST

700kg Feeder

This small and handy feeder is designed for small animal groups giving you a step up from trough feeding and so eliminating constant daily refilling.

$1481.00 inc. GST

1 Tonne Sheep Feeder

The Paton 1 Tonne Feeder is the ideal grain feeder designed perfectly for calves, sheep and a wide variety of other animals including goats and pigs.

Small and versatile, yet with a sizeable 1 tonne capacity. Our most popular model with hobby farmers as well as full scale grazing enterprises.

$2165.00 inc. GST

1 Tonne Feeder – Wheeled

The Paton 1 Tonne Wheeled Feeder provides the farmer with a stronger management option and doesn't require feeders to be shifted and moved with the potential for damage by a tractor operator. Available in a sheep or cattle version. These can be caravaned behind each other to reduce travelling and refilling time


1.5-Tonne Sheep Feeder

The 1.5-tonne model sheep feeder is a good value model with the added fact you get an extra half tonne of feed over its little brother, the 1 tonne unit, for a minimal extra cost.

Built to a larger scale, these feeders are popular to conscious farmers or the time and cost required to fill feeders constantly. The more feeders you have, the bigger the process this becomes!

$2528.00 inc. GST

1.5 Tonne Feeder – Wheeled

The Paton 1.5 tonne Wheeled Feeder is designed with simple stock management in mind. Available in both Sheep and Cattle Variants.

Fill up at the silo and tow to the paddock.


2 Tonne Sheep Feeder

The 2 tonne lick feeders are available in sheep and cattle variants. They offer the farmer increased capacity yet tight feed restriction when required.

$3180.00 inc. GST

2 Tonne Feeder – Wheeled

The Paton 2 Tonne Wheeled Feeder is a larger feeder designed to be towed behind a tractor with a linkage bar to raise the feeder when towing.

The large capacity eliminates the need for continual refilling, reducing labour costs and and time spent in the filling process.


3 Tonne Sheep Feeder

The Paton 3 Tonne Sheep Feeder is a larger capacity unit that will suit farmers with intensive feeding programmes.

$4502.00 inc. GST

3 Tonne Sheep Feeder – Wheeled

The Paton 3 Tonne Wheeled Sheep Feeder is a large capacity unit designed with strength and capacity in mind.

This large capacity unit eliminates the need for continual refilling, reducing labour costs and machinery time. Tow from the silo to the paddock completely full with ease behind your tractor,  and simply rotate around the paddock to minimise pasture damage.

These give you improved flexibility in your farm management without the hazards and damage risks.

$5871.00 inc. GST

5 Tonne Sheep Feeder

The Paton 5 Tonne Feeder provides the farmer with a bulk feeder that requires only occasional filling. This model is purpose designed for sheep, meaning it is low to the ground providing easy access for young animals.

$8302.00 inc. GST

Combination Feeder

Are you searching for the ideal method to feed your stock protein and roughage at the same time? Eliminate double handling and feed your stock grain and hay with the ease and convenience of the Paton Combination Feeder.

$1969.00 inc. GST

FEEDKING – 2.5 Tonne

The Paton FEEDKING is now available as a single bin option as well as the popular dual bin model. With 2.5 tonne capacity, the updated FEEDKING range also features an hydraulic drive auger, enabling superior performance.

The FEEDKING comes with a number of options including: electric start Honda GX390 engine, night operational LED lighting, electric scales with batching control and anti-bridging vibrating plates to keep your feed free-flowing.

No ropes, no winches, no belts, no pulleys, so no problems of safety concerns.

$26365.00 inc. GST

FEEDBARON – 1.5 Tonne

Paton's 1.5 FEEDBARON with a sturdy 5 inch fold-out auger now comes with direct drive. This design improvement is more powerful and provides increased efficiency and flowrate of grain.

The 1.5 tonne feed out bin is a multi-purpose unit that can be used for transporting grain, trail feeding in the paddock, or a useful tool for filling seed drills.

Reliability and versatility - all in a small cost effective package.

$14765.00 inc. GST

Fence Mounted Feeder – 1.5L (2-Pack)

Ideal for showing sheep or for placing in the horse yards. This trough easily hooks onto fence rails and is a good weight so it won’t be chewed and tossed off the fence by your horses.
$172.00 inc. GST

Hay Cradle – 1.4m Sheep

Traditional feeding of hay on the ground leaves up to 30% of the valuable feed wasted through fouling by livestock.

A Paton Hay cradle keeps your feed elevated, and the galvanised sheet skirt captures loose hay to minimise waste.


Hay Cradle – 2.5m Sheep

Traditional feeding of hay on the ground leaves up to 30% of the valuable feed wasted through fouling by livestock.

A cradle keeps your feed elevated, and the galvanised sheet skirt captures loose hay to minimise waste.


Hay Cradle – 4m Sheep

The sheep cradles are lower than the cattle variant giving lambs and adult sheep better access to the hay. These cradles prevent sheep having a free for all to sleep and walk in the hay.

Now the cradle keeps your feed elevated whilst the base captures loose hay to minimise wastage.


Hay Creep Feeder

A Paton Creep Feeder is a simple lightweight solution to feeding sheep with large square bales or round bales The moveable creep gates contain the hay whilst allowing constant access for stock. As the hay is eaten the gates “creep” forward until the bale is finished. The unit is lightweight, very easy to transport and can be position over the large square bale or a large round bale.
$1080.00 inc. GST

Hay Feeder – 1.2m

These feeders are specifically designed for high quality small square bales that can be broken up into biscuits and thrown into the feeder. Animals can then access the hay through the vertical bars and pull through feed as required.

$1205.00 inc. GST
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