3 Tonne Sheep Feeder

$4,952.00 inc. GST

The Paton 3 Tonne Sheep Feeder is a larger capacity unit that will suit farmers with intensive feeding programmes.

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The Paton 3 tonne sheep feeder is a large bulk feeder ideal for larger operations where farmers with a chaser bin setup or contract supplier can arrive onsite and blow in the feed on every delivery. These units are ideal for containment yard set ups where constant feeding occurs. They also function for those simply wanting to do supplementary feeding in the paddock.

The trough and lick door system contain no sharp or rough edges, are soft on the animals mouths and eliminate all waste, making the animal experience a happy one. The lick doors can be cranked right down to only allow several grains at a time to be drawn into the animals mouth. The tongue of the animals saliva acts as a blotter to draw up the grain into their mouth. The restriction plate at the back of the trough makes mouth access to the feed very limited meaning only their tongues can draw feed up. This means saliva runs out and animals move off to drink after a short visit.

Alternatively the doors can be opened wider to keep feed up constantly to the animal without any effort to feed as you would aim to achieve in a containment yard.

  • Heavy reinforcement under verandas to eliminate tractor damage
  • Strong sub-frames to provide the ideal lifting support when moving the unit
  • Simple and easy to adjust lick doors that close right down
  • Suitable for grain or sheep pellets
  • 100% galvanised construction
  • Soft on the mouth and easy to clean trough profile
  • Lower sub-frame to suit sheep