5 Tonne Sheep Feeder

$9,133.00 inc. GST

The Paton 5 Tonne Feeder provides the farmer with a bulk feeder that requires only occasional filling. This model is purpose designed for sheep, meaning it is low to the ground providing easy access for young animals.

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The Paton 5 Tonne Feeder is the largest capacity unit in the Paton range. This model is designed specifically for sheep. The large capacity eliminates the need for continual refilling, reducing labour costs.

Ideal for those wanting to fill less often, this feeder has two 3600mm length troughs, capable of handling 15 ewes per side feeding at any given time. Paton’s  adjustable lick doors can be fully closed or opened up to 6 inches wide, with a simple turn of the adjustment nuts.

Unlike other feeders in the market, this unit can easily feed just about any ration. This feeder is suitable for feeding grain, pellets or heavily chopped and mixed feeds. The specially designed sheep trough eliminates just about all waste and allows easy cleaning and maintenance. The restriction plates in the trough provide a further limiter on the grain flow meaning lambs of adult sheep need to work harder to access the feed.

This product can be fitted with a blower pipe to make re-filling your feeder quick and cost-effective when receiving deliveries in bulk.

These are 100% Australian made.

  • Exterior heavy duty frame to prevent damage from machinery operators
  • Climb ladder and walk way on top of the feeder for filling access
  • inspection windows
  • Easy to clean and maintain troughs.
  • Fully adjustable and shut off lick doors
  • Strong sub-frames to provide the ideal lifting support when moving the unit
  • Dual hinged swing open lids with fixed handle
  • Simple and easy to adjust sliding lick doors
  • Suitable for grain, pellets and heavy chopped or mixed feed
  • 100% galvanised construction for longevity
  • Purpose profiled sheep trough profile
  • Lower sub-frame for reach of smaller animals