700kg Feeder

$1,481.00 inc. GST

This small and handy feeder is designed for small animal groups giving you a step up from trough feeding and so eliminating constant daily refilling.

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This small 1200mm length feeder is very popular for small sheep groups or calf rearing as the smaller capacity suits a more intensive feeding activity focusing on small numbers.  The unit will hold just short of  a bulk bag of pellets.

Featuring two 1200mm length troughs, capable of handling 20 lambs to 10 calves or 4 pigs feeding. The lick doors are fully adjustable from a closed position,  to a 6″ open with a simple turn of the supplied spanner.

The simply designed lick doors makes this feeder suitable for feeding grain, pellets or heavily chopped and mixed feeds. The troughs are designed to suit small animal heads, and to both eliminate waste and make the cleaning out of troughs an easy process.

Feeding grain on the ground or exposed to the elements in an open paddock trough leaves up to 30% of the product wasted and fowled. These feeders will make your feeding activity far more efficient.

This handy little unit has two weather verandas, is largely weather and rodent proof, fully galvanised and built strong to last. A strong sub-frame provides the ideal lifting platform for your tractor forks or simply attach a chain to the tow point and shift with your utility or ATV vehicle.


  • Suitable for calves, pigs, goats or sheep
  • Up to 700kg capacity
  • Wide hinged opening lid
  • Strong under frame base for lifting
  • Simple and easy to adjust lick feed doors
  • Suitable for both grain, pellets and heavy chopped or mixed feed
  • Double weather verandas