Catch-All Hay Feeder

$4,079.00 inc. GST

The Catch-All Hay Feeders, perfect for the large quality of hay bales, is placed inside the tubular frame, and cattle approach, reach in and access the hay.

Suitable for hay bales, either big squares or large round, to be placed into the top of the unit and provide cattle with the feeding opportunity through the bars.

A gal floor on the feeder's base picks up any loose or falling hay, giving the stock a second opportunity to eat the loose material.

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These catch-all hay feeders are a heavy-duty framed feeder that allows hay bales to be placed into the unit (either big squares or round bales). These are made of heavy gal pipe, which has a longer life than gal RHS has seen in other feeders of this type.

Cattle have to reach into the feeder to the second frame, which holds the bale. This reaching through to the bale means there is less chance of dragging hay out and onto the ground.

Any excess hay or waste will fall into the galvanised catching troughs at the unit’s bottom, ready for a second opportunity to be eaten.

Granular feed or pelleted feed can also be added, giving the option for a mixed feed ration to be fed.

Again these are an excellent, almost unbreakable hay feeder designed for all types of cattle. Mounted on sleds, they can be towed or lifted with tractor forks.

  • Height: 1500mm
  • Trough Height: 450mm
  • Width: 2100mm
  • Length: 3100mm
  • • Heavy Duty Pipe Construction
  • • Solid 150 x 50 Top Rail To Avoid Tractor Damage
  • • Pipe Bar Work for Less Bruising
  • • 2-Round Bale Capacity Or 2-Large Square Bales
  • • Hay Access When Animals Reach Through The Unit
  • • Gal Sheet Floor With Drainage At Either End
  • • Mixed Feed Opportunity Above & Below
  • • Reduces Wastage By Up To 40%
  • • Sleigh Like Base For Dragging To New Position