Paton Cattle Caller

$12,745.70 inc. GST

The Paton Cattle Caller is a vast technological step in paddock/pasture feeding of livestock.
The Cattle Caller is an automated feeder designed to deliver controlled feeding to cattle, while animals are still out on pasture. It creates habitual and timely feeding habits at optimimum consumption levels to ensure good rumination and maximum weight gain is achieved.

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Paton Cattle Caller

The Cattle Caller is a new automated and controlled cattle feeder which will enable the feeding of high energy, higher cost feed types such as grain and pellets, in a cost effective and efficient manner. No more wasted feed from over eating and uncontrollable feeding, and significantly reduced labour costs.

The Cattle Caller has many smart features including, rain sensors, on board PLC, load cells for weighing and the ‘caller’ itself – an audio alert to let cattle know when it’s feeding time all of which are powered by the inbuilt solar cells.

The highly innovative Cattle Caller means grain and pellet feeding will be accurate and controlled. Its versatility makes it well suited for many applications including;

  • growing out young cattle with a measured and controlled feeding programme
  • maintenance of cattle weights in a feed shortage/drought environment
  • the delivery of added supplements where pasture quality is poor
  • maximising intensive heifer growth with minimal labour inputs
  • fattening cattle to achieve market weight
  • outpaddock feeding where travel and time is costly and monitoring difficult.

With a 2 tonne capacity hopper, the amount of feed delivered and time of delivery can be controlled. This means feeding frequency is optimised to maximise the rumination and digestive processes. Control is via an easy-to-read colour touch screen with the electronic instrumentation enclosed in an IP rated, weather proof cabinet.

Every Cattle Caller is fitted with an on-board rain sensor so feed sessions will be cancelled while rain events pass over the feeder. Feed types such as pellets that are moisture sensitive will no longer be wasted due to water saturation. In operation, the pre-set feed drop simply falls onto a feed table, the cattle are ‘called’ and then feed is consumed. This process means fresh feed quality is optimised for stock consumption.

  • Call up cattle for a coming feed session
  • Set the ration amount and the ration delivery time
  • Weigh feed each time its dropped into the feed trough
  • Automatically deducts unfinished rations from the the next feed cycle
  • Rain sensors on board will cancel feed sessions until rain passes over
  • Blockages cannot occur as there are no adjustable doors to restrict feed
David Goodfellow - a cattle producer in Buckley, Victoria - talks about his experience with the cattle caller.
The Cattle Caller is a new automated and controlled cattle feeder which will save labour time, grain and pellet costs and make feeding cattle more efficient.