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Feed Pad – 100 Head Unit

$10,700.00 inc. GST

A Paton 100 Head Feed Containment Pad is for the larger operation looking to feed animals on a daily basis to and from the dairy.

The largest of the feed containment kits, these panel systems provide space for animals to feed in an orderly structured way while out on pasture or on their way to the paddock.

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Feed Containment Pads are dedicated areas put aside to accommodate cattle wanting to feed on silage or hay.

The largest of the feed containment kits, these 100 head models require careful setup and added fixing points to maintain their shape and strength.

The 100 Head Kit Contains:

  • 5 x flat panel sets – each set will support 20 animals
  • 2 x curved end panels
  • Stay bars to stiffen and strengthen the whole unit once assembled
  • Pins to interlock all the panels and stay bars together
  • Ground pins to brace the unit into the ground

The design of the feed containment walls provide a flexible option to farmers wanting to dedicate an area for dry feeding dairy cows. These hoop styled panels keep the feeding area clear and unspoilt so animals can access clean fresh feed. Additional fixing points are provided to enable star pickets to be driven in and so provide added strength and stability to the frame.

The use of added star pickets to help keep the frame ridged is a worth while exercise and eliminates cattle working the unit into disrepair over time.

  • Eliminate spoilage and hay wastage
  • Maximise feed potential and value
  • Minimise pasture damage by comiting to a dedicating a feed area