Hay Ring – Bulls

$1,042.00 inc. GST

Need a Hay Ring with more strength, heavier material and designed for purpose?

The Paton's extra strong hay ring feeder built to survive the rigours of large bulls rubbing and damaging anything they can get their hands on!!

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Need a Hay Ring that guarantees brute strength to feed your bulls?

Look no further than Paton’s extra strong hay ring feeder built to survive the rigours of large bulls knocking and rubbing the unit. On this product the hoops are spaced further apart and steel is a heavier gauge and so fit for purpose.

Don’t muck around with a cheap import that your bulls will rub to pieces in its first week, this Hay Ring is built like a tank and we stand behind its strength. Put one to the test today

Built strong, built to last….Paton tough

  • Heavy Duty Construction with larger pipe and SHS
  • 16mm Gal Rod to prevent hoop bending.
  • Large skirt to contain all hay within the ring.
  • 1 Piece Hoop Design
  • 10 Head Spaces